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About Me

Welcome to Orchid Ivy Therapies.

My name is Ava H. Brandt, the founder and CEO of Orchid Ivy Therapies, a London based company. Having worked in a range of industries, including Education, I then decided to retrain as a Hypnotherapist (and Pscho-therapeutic Counsellor).

Orchid Ivy Therapies focuses on Hypnotherapy, drawing on my knowledge from my Psycho-therapeutic training knowledge and skills.

I have studied human development theoretically as well as through my work.  Psychology has been of profound interest to me; intrigued by the genetic and environmental impact of life's experiences on the psyche.

As a result of some of my own personal challenges in life, I felt I wanted to help others to find coping strategies.  (Whether you are a leader at work or a stay-at -home  parent seeking refocus, professional work and life situations can have an extensive and long-lasting impact on mental health.)  I am here to help.


Orchid Ivy Therapies is based on the core values of some of the most recent Hypnotherapy techniques.  The aim is to personalise (or tailor) each treatment plan to the expressed needs of the individual client.  The techniques within are detailed in the 'Treatments' section of this site.

I am a fully qualified Hypnotherapist (with Counselling Skills) accredited by the N.H.Soc. My training was based on the most current of this researched-based, scientific field.

My relaxed and creative approach is something I pride myself on.  If you feel that you have any of the following symptoms/conditions, email or telephone for an informal, initial conversation.  I will be happy to answer any questions you have.


Alternatively, go straight ahead to the 'Book Online' page and book an appointment for an Initial Consultation. 

* Anxiety

* Fear of Pain    (including childbirth)

* Stress     (particularly work-related)

* Insomnia

* Low Self-Confidence

* Overweight

* Fear of Social Speaking

* Addiction to Smoking

Plants and Pottery

The Philosophy 

My aim is to get to know you through an Initial Consultation: Identify your condition and desired outcome.  I will discuss with you a treatment plan specific to your personality and preference.  Then tailor a selection of therapeutic techniques with the aim of achieving your desired outcome.  The techniques, in which I have been trained, are the most recently-updated where current research have shown their positive impact.

A key principal underpinning my practice is to equip you with the tools to support your own needs or desires.

Milton Erickson, M.D., is most well known for his brilliance in the art of medical hypnosis. His ability to heal his patients by accessing their unconscious mind with the use of trance has inspired many generations of therapists, like myself.


Many areas of modern psychotherapy - solution-focused brief therapy, hypnosis, rapport building - have much to thank Milton Erickson for.  I too take much inspiration from his traditional, clinical approach.

Which celebrities have used hypnotherapy?

Many stars from the UK as well as across the Atlantic have  turned to hypnosis to support them through difficult stages of their life.  A few celebrities who have benefited from quality hypnotherapy are:

         Mel C   (singer)  -  Stage Fright

        Samuel L Jackson  (actor)  -  Quitting Smoking

        Jessica Alba  (actor/business woman)  -  Giving birth

         David Beckham  (football player)  -  Career Success

        James Earl Jones  (actor)  -  Career Success/Overcoming Stuttering

         Drew Barrymore (actor  )  -  Quitting Smoking

         Orlando Bloom (actor)  -  Overcoming Addiction to Chocolate       


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